Wisdom of the Earth: Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Course

Thank you for your curiosity about the joys of working with our Plant and Tree Allies. I love to teach The Wisdom of the Earth medicinal aromatherapy certification course and am happy to welcome anyone interested in taking part in this amazing class.

The course leans heavily on plant spirit communication, and includes guided meditations, journeys and incredible recordings. On the physical plane, I discuss the treatment of numerous common ailments and the properties and uses of an enormous variety of “starter” essential oils; I have over 200 single note essences for students to experience. Each student receives a thick packet filled with a vast amount of information, much of which is covered in the class, as well as more information to be read at one’s own pace, after the course is completed. Two textbooks are included with the course: Wisdom of the Earth Essential Essence Reference Guide and Wisdom of the Earth Speaks the Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy.

Repeatedly I hear wonderful feedback from my students; this is a life-changing course that forever alters one’s perception of themselves and the world in a deeply positive way. By reconnecting to nature through the wisdom of the essences, students are also able to reconnect to their highest self and walk their path with confidence and a strong sense of support from the Plants and Trees.

I really am looking forward to meeting you; it is such a delight to connect with others who share such love for the Earth. It is an honor to be teaching this class, I am incredibly blessed to be helping my brothers and sisters reawaken to the limitless amount of love that the Earth has for her children. Wishing you Peace, Health and Prosperity,

Lisl Meredith Huebner

Here's some feedback from some of my past students!


There were many single things that happened over the weekend that by themselves would have changed my life (like any one of the three meditations, for instance), but together were hugely transformative! I truly feel that in becoming connected to the essences I have found something that was missing in my life. There are simply no words to express the depth of gratitude to you and the magnitude of the effect that you, the place and the class have had. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
With deep love & much light,

I would like to, once again, thank you for such a wonderful and very informative weekend. You have opened my eyes and my heart to the wonderful world of Plants, Trees and Flowers. The gifts that they give and give and give is truly a lesson in unconditional love. The energetic and healing properties that lie within the life blood of these wonderful ancestors are a lost secret that we have to re-introduce to mankind. I felt and experienced the love you have for Plants, Trees and Flowers as well as the souls that made the connection this weekend. 
With Love and Awe I welcome you to my circle of friends.
Peace and Happiness
Dave P.

First of all, let me thank you for a most glorious class.  I only use the word class 'cause I'm not sure what word fits the experience best.  You are a huge blessing in my life!
Judi C.

Hi Lisl, Thanks again for a great weekend!!!! I am eager to keep learning.
Randy Lee P.

Good Morning Lisl,
Thank you again for one of the most important and life altering experiences.  I don't articulate well in group settings....and the knowledge that you and the plants shared brings tears to my eyes.  I am so honored for the attunement. I can't wait to go for a walk in the woods this morning.
With Love and Gratitude,  Linda

Hi Lisl,
I had a great weekend with you, the essences and the students.  Thank you for allowing me the chance to come up!!!

You're the Bomb!

Carol S.

hi lisl!  
i'm still wandering in amazement at the wonder of this weekend!   in the night i kept dreaming that my husband needed violet and when i woke up he said oh i smell lavender it smells so good and i said no,  it's violet your smelling!  this is sooo cool!
THANK you once again so so much!  everyone thinks i've even further lost my mind,  ha ha,  because i cannot stop talking about the weekend.. it was truly transformative and i do not say that lightly.. 
it was so wonderful to meet everyone and i hope that we stay in touch.  it is , indeed ,  wonderful to meet other members of our tribe.  
all my love
Iva P.

"Lisl - Thank You for the most exquisite workshop this weekend on the essences of plants. It was the place I NEEDED to be this weekend and I loved every minute of it."
THANK YOU!!!! I loved every minute of the workshop - well maybe not "in" every moment but in hind sight, every one was a pound of rose essence :)
Roberta W.

What an honor it was to be a part of this class and meet all of you!!  Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart (the top part too!).  Hope we can all stay in touch. I have you to thank for helping me to get more in tune with ALL of mother nature.  You're very special and wise people and my life is enriched for having met you.  Thanks again for everything.  Hope to see you again soon.
Love & light –Judi

Hi Everyone! Our Level I class was by far the most enjoyable workshop I have had the pleasure to take  -- EVER! We plowed through a tremendous amount of information, managed the heat and still had so much fun.  Thanks Lisl, for your frequent moments of irreverent humor and for sharing your beautiful self so completely.  And thanks to my magnificent AromatheraSisters.  Not long ago, I had stated to the Universe an intention to learn through joy rather than through pain, and the amazing experience we all shared this weekend was a beautiful demonstration of what is possible when we open our hearts.  I love you all!

Lisa K.

Hi my fellow TRIBE members,
I am so very grateful to have met you all and shared in this transformative experience.  It's so very interesting...I have been asking spirit....where is my tribe....I need to find them.... and here you are.  Thank you!!!
Peace and Love,  Linda M.

I want to thank you all for opening your hearts and thoughts to me.  Lisl you have given me tools and experiences and a Journey that I'll never forget. Thank you all again-
Love& Light

Dear Fellow Aromatherapy Tribe Members and Facilitators and Auditors--
It has been said that the most dynamic energy comes from the commingled energy of a group.  We had a fantastic two and a half days filled with strong, positive, joyful, blessed energy.
I am still integrating all the information we learned and the loving support and wisdom the trees and plants offer us when we are ready to meet them and let them work their magic.
The colorful threads of the tapestry has now interwoven all of us on our individual and collective journeys.  We bring our shared experience out into the world and we make it a better place one by one each time we use the essences.
The group meditation on Sunday morning was beyond words.  It healed us and helped us ascend to higher realms.  The indigenous peoples of the world have a knowingness and reverence for the earth that we all may choose to embrace. 
Thank you Lisl, for sharing your hilarious stories, helpful hints, and pure love and laughter.  The world is a better place for your leading us back to our Divine Mother!
Thank you, everyone, for a life-changing shared experience.

....still walking a few feet above the ground, not quite willing to 'touch down' yet.  So blessed for the sharing and learning so much from each and everyone of you!   I am aware of a huge personal shift and transformation still downloading.  I carry in my heart the feeling of home that comes of sitting in a blessed circle with brothers and sisters from a distant tribe.   I am blessed to sit in many such circles of familiar old souls. And yet,  this one feels different somehow  just not sure why... i will go so far as to say that if i was to characterize a shared lifetime inclusive of our group, (and yes, I do believe there is one) it was absolutely beautiful... one of joy, love, peace, perfect individual expression of soul work, strength and safety, support and sharing of great gifts with the world... and what a feeling that is as I sat there, and here remembering.  Thank you each for what you brought to the table ... yourselves ?? xxx
Sherrie Anne

Thank you!
I've been playing all night and getting to know the Devas. I'm so inspired to use the essences in my practice and educate people to the power of the plants and trees.
My life has truly taken a turn since taking your class. I feel so honored to share my knowledge with others and I'm so grateful to have a strong connection with the earth.
I thank you so much for touching my life in such a positive way. You supported me even before we met when my friend passed and continue to support me. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks again!
Colleen P.; West Hartford, CT

Dear Lisl,
I can't say enough how absolutely wonderful your workshop was and how much it completes the healing basket I am building for myself.  You are light and love!
Thank you again from the deepest part of my heart for helping me to awake to my gifts and abilities.  You are such a special light worker.
Peace and blessings,
-Laurel V.; Groton, CT

“Lisl provides an oasis and the Essential Essences are the purest of healing tools.. "Pure" is one of the words I'd use to describe the work Lisl promotes and practices.  She is truly a beautiful human being... humble, innocent and full of humor, she walks lightly and joyfully on this planet, offering her deep, sweet wisdom and vast experience.  I love Lisl and consider her to be one of our area's most blessed, sacred healers and teachers. I talk about her all the time, so grateful for all she has to give.”
-Karen Sevenoff ; Hartford, CT

“I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Lisl. Her sincerity for what she does in an Earth Honoring way is the walk she lives. No matter what she does it is amazing because her spirit is in it. She brings expertise and great energy to a wonderful and inviting space. She is a master at working with and teaching about the plant essences of Wisdom of the Earth.”
-Audrey B.; Terryville, CT

“Lisl provides a warm, loving place where you can learn to believe in yourself.  From the minute you walk through the door you feel like you have finally come home to the loving arms of family.  Her relationship with the plant and tree kingdom through the use of the essences is magical and once you experience it you'll never be the same.” 
-Barb P.; Torrington, CT

“The setting of HerbaLisl's Nest mirrors its magic: high above the daily grind you will find new breath, space, support, and inspiration. Lisl brings her powerful wisdom and gifts into this setting to guide you to a new way of finding your best self. You will come away feeling blessed, renewed, and at peace.”  
-Kalia K.; Collinsville, CT

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