Essence Meditation

This wonderful guided meditation/journey aided by pure plant and tree essences will help you access profound Inner Wisdom and integrate that knowledge in order to create a more fulfilling life. Therapeutic-grade essences carry the sacred message of the Plant and Tree kingdoms. The combination of scent, energy and consciousness of these pure essential oils is a great aid in helping us remember our interconnectedness with all of Nature. Reclaiming your relationship with Nature through the Wisdom of the Plants and Trees is the most direct route back to yourself and the manifestation of your Personal Destiny.

During the meditation, several essences are applied to each participant and energy work is done on the individuals as well as the group. The hour-long meditation is often guided and accompanied by carefully selected music or tones; occasionally, I will guide the group simply with the steady beat of our Mother drum. While guests gather in a circle, head-in toward the center, the meditation is further enhanced by a central grid/altar of crystals and precious stones that add their healing energy to the group.

It is always a beautiful experience, and always very well-attended, so your RSVP is appreciated!


1:00 -3:00 PM

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