Winds of Change...

Here at the Essence of Being, our world has turned inside out. My fiancĂ©, Steve and I have met a critical junction in our relationship and we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a breakup…It's funny how fast life can change. Fortunately, there are no hard feelings between Steve and I... our relationship had just run its course.

Winds of change are upon us all......

We, and many others are being guided to take the next step... we may not be entirely clear on what that is yet, but we'll keep our hearts open to the signs from The Spirit That Moves Through All Things.

We don’t know at this point if we are meant to remain here on the mountain, explore the many opportunities that have “coincidentally” come up recently, or to somehow manage to do it all. We are staying open to all possibilities because “I don’t know” is a magical place of creation where anything is possible.

If you have been guided in the past to come visit this beautiful and magical space on the mountain, don’t hesitate to do so, because we are not scheduling anything after September until we know what our next step will be.

The value of all the love and support that my friends (and even people I barely know on Facebook) have given to me during this storm is beyond measure. I am so totally in awe of it and in gratitude... All the kindness is truly a balm for my heart.

Thank you all so much for reaching out and offering your love, heart, ears and hands... There are so many others going through major transitions right now that your generosity and compassion is needed and welcomed far and wide.

I am moving through my emotions with grace, even though it hurts... sometimes more than others... I have surprised myself by how much I have grown as a person... you don't know what tools you have until you need to use them.... so I'm feeling okay about where we'll end up when the dust settles.

I'm generally okay, sad, but hopeful... trusting that this is all for the best and highest good... and surrendering to it.

I have always been taken care of, so faith is not too difficult. I know in my heart that there is a brighter future for all of us, even if it feels uncomfortable and scary right now. I am in the process of allowing myself to feel all this yucky stuff and letting it flow through me. I know that the signs telling me what to do next will come when it's time to act.

A long time ago, I gave my life to The Divine to use as a tool to help heal others and lead them back to themselves and our Earth... Having released control in that sense, it does make it a little easier; since I know I will be put exactly where I'm supposed to be. My Guides have already proved that they will support me, so my experience tells me that it's ok to trust and just BE until it's time to DO... (I do get antsy to DO SOMETHING though!)

Trust inner guidance... your heart won't mislead you, but your brain can and frequently does. We at The Essence of Being will be sure to keep everyone abreast of our plans.

Love to you all on your Path.


  1. You are an inspiration, Lisl, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I have the love and support of your entire community. In the meantime, surround yourself with life's simple pleasures..and always remember that there are unseen forces ready to support your dreams.

  2. Hi Lisl,

    Another storm: I am sorry to hear it. Yet, I admire your optimism and faith. The Winds of Change: I don't like them much.

    +Frank Dwelley

  3. Love to you all as well, that you all find the path that is right for you. Louie and Sarah

  4. Lisl, I deeply appreciate your level of transparency in sharing so openly. The more models there are for working through the ubiqitous changes from a place of openness and heart-centeredness, the greater the likelihood of reaching "critical mass". Thank you. You and Essence of Being are in my heart.
    With much love,

  5. YOu are supported in so many ways by the people you've supported in the past in so many big and small ways. I know you feel that. You are even supporting those of us (yes, me too) who are going through relationship unwindings....showing us how to hurt and not go numb in the process. Thank you for sharing even the yuck.

  6. Love to you all also, and may you all find the right paths for you. Louie and Sarah

  7. Dearest Lisl, My heart goes out to you for the sorrow you are feeling now, but your trust and openness to the Divine are an inspiration. I too am feeling a bit caught up in the winds of change, and when you feel up to it I would love to get together to talk. Blessed be,

  8. thank you for sharing lisl. i love you and am relieved that you are so comforted by your divine connection. much love to everyone at johnnycake.

  9. oh lisl! i have been so engrossed in my own stuff lately, i had missed you were going through transitions. sending you love and supportive thoughts and energy.

  10. you are an amazing woman Lisl! Your strength encourages me on my own journey... Ride those waves and soon the sea will calm again and peace will return. It always does. Sometimes the storm is long but we always get through it. Love you and am thinking of you as Im going with the flow in my own storm. Having faith that we will all be stronger when the storms subside.

  11. Lisl,
    You have assisted me with my transformation and this butterfly has begun to spread her wings because of the knowledge you have instilled within me. As the song goes, "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind". Blessings and love my dear friend.