Autumn is About Letting Go...

For nature-based spiritual traditions, Samhain marks the close of one cycle and the year then begins anew.  According to Lena Stevens™ Power Path Forecast, this month is all about Resolution and Healing. Hallowe’en was particularly poignant for me resolution-wise, because after 5 months of continued cohabitation with my ex-fiancé, that was the day he moved out. I wasn’t quite prepared for the depth of grief that washed over me, and instead of trying to put on a mask of cheerfulness, I retreated to my personal safe asylum for a couple of days until I had recovered. With the loss of so much this past year, I feel that part of me has died, but the Bat, the Snake, and the Butterfly that have been coming to me in Dreamtime are significant indicators of the rebirth that I am also powerfully experiencing.
©Lisl Meredith 2010

What a rebirth!! So many blessings have filled the vacant spaces in my soul that despite the sadness, I am grateful for the spiritual housecleaning! I have been stretching my limits lately, doing things I haven never been courageous enough to do on my own before. Now I am getting ready for my Healing “Souljourn” to Hawaii by myself for 6 weeks, and a for a good portion of that time I will be on a solo mission, staying in a small tent while exploring the beauty of paradise, and meditating. I am going to be teaching the aromatherapy certification course on the Big Island in January and am very excited about that too.

I am leaving in a few weeks and have been extremely busy booking appointments. If you want to get in to see me before I leave on December 7th, please call to schedule as soon as you can, my calendar is filling up rapidly! Rest assured, even though I will be "roughing it" for the first part of my personal retreat in December, I will have technology with me and can refill your prescriptions and take your oil orders. I am going to try to get Paypal up on my website in the next 4 weeks to make things more efficient, but in any case, make note of my cell number and my email address!!

©Lisl Meredith 2008
Several women have told me that through my disclosure of the trials I have had to face this year, they have felt inspired with courage to make difficult changes in their own lives. I applaud them and everyone who does what they must do for the highest and best good, even when it is hard. In the end all that we end up sacrificing is really what no longer fits, and although it still is painful, it clears a space for great blessings. A friend said to me yesterday, “You’re doing so WELL!” and I have to agree, but please know that we all have our bad days and it’s necessary to honor our sadness too, that is how we come to Resolution and Healing. Never, ever, ever beat yourself up for what you are feeling. Love yourself, always.

Warm Autumn Blessings,

©Lisl Meredith 2008

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